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Max Starki Productions has some exciting acts from both Coventry and Birmingham lined up for the launch party on Friday, including Takunda Garwe (winner of Coventry’s Got Talent) and Synikall, a hip-hop/R&B artist from Erdington.

The show will end with LP45, one of the most popular bands in Coventry at the moment. The gig is a fundraiser event and will be the official launch of Max Starki Productions – a new and exciting production company put together by music tech student Chris Dickins and dance/theatre student, Grace Brodie.

In brief, it is “An innovative performance company that is focussed on enhancing newly discovered spaces, and transforming them in to our stage, our place of diversity, for the audience to experience.”

The production company’s main performance this year will be in Coventry city centre on 1st may and will take the form of a sound and dance installation.

Although currently a university project, Chris hopes to continue Max Starki and eventually put performances on all over the country.

The launch party is taking place at Dogma in Priory Place, Coventry this Friday. Doors open at 8pm and entry is only £2!

Please make the effort to come along and support this new local production company.

Hope to see you there!