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Yes! The artist known as ‘Space Coyote’ replied to my email last night saying she’d love to be interviewed! So excited! Anyways, here’s another one of her funny fan art pieces from her Deviant Art Page because they make this blog look so pwetty.

The cast of Futurama mangafied.

The cast of Futurama 'mangafied'.

Space Coyotes humourous take on the popular Phoenix Write computer game and DC comics Bizarro series.

Space Coyote's humourous take on the popular Phoenix Wright computer game and DC comic's Bizarro series.


After having a spring clean of the forgotten folders in my laptop, I can across a beauty of a website I hadn’t checked up on in a while.

It was the Deviant Art page of  Space Coyote, an extremely talented Canadian comic book- style artist who was worthy of being added to my exclusive ‘favorites’ list almost 2 years ago. She now has her own website

Visiting her site now, I was amazed. It was packed with colourful, beautiful art as well as the classic ‘Simpsonszu’ piece, The Simpsons’ characters drawn in a manga style, that had obviously aroused the attention of the media and fantastic job opportunities for this artist. Now she has her own full-length comic ‘Yokaiden’ out.

Space Coyote (Nina Matsumoto) displays a humorous take on popular American cartoons, often swpping their crude use of line and colour for her own more realist manga style. However, she does the opposite in one piece ‘Dysfunctional Neighbour Totoro’ where she takes a piece of classic  Japanese Studio Ghibli art and draws it ‘Simpson’s style’.  Her work really is a joy to see and just damn right funny. I’m actually envious of her talent. I enjoyed looking at her work so much and I believe you will too.

I emailed Space Coyote this evening asking for an interview and permission to use her work in our magazine. With her busy work schedule I hope she has time to get back to me. So Excited…

The realistic, manga style drawing of the worlds most famous characters

The realistic, manga style drawing of the world's most famous characters

The classic Ghibli film Simpsonified

The classic Ghibli film 'Simpsonified'