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Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own tash? Well my dears I have found the perfect substitute, a man tash hoodie for you to parade:


Moustache Man Girls Hoodie By Lazy Oaf

Enjoy a Big Mac so much that you would proudly wear one upon your head? You can do just that with your very own burger hat:


Burger Hat By Lazy Oaf

Struggle with your five a day fruits? Pin this ripe banana brooch to your top as a reminder to eat your apples and pears:


Banana Brooch By Lazy Oaf

Believe your never fully dressed without a smile? Wear a perma-grin with this smile on a chain:


Grin Necklace By Lazy Oaf


I could go on and on and on. Lazy Oaf is a pure joy, its a little bit nutty, a little bit mad but all in all a pure joy.


I’m not going to go into great detail about Lazy Oaf in this post, I’ll let you check out their website for yourselves.


The lovely Lazy Oaf team will shortly be providing us with images of their brand new, unseen collection. But surely, could anything top the burger hat? I cant wait to see, I’ll keep you (blog) posted.


Ooo also… check out the Lazy Oaf Blog, its funny, I’m a fan.



I'm Cute Russian Doll Necklace by Hoola at Hannah Zakari

I'm Cute Russian Doll Necklace by Lady Luck Rules OK at Hannah Zakari


I’ve discovered another little treat for you ladies- Hannah Zakari accessories. 

Rachel Lamb is the brains and talent behind this beautiful creation of everything pretty. From originally setting up the website as a form of showcasing her own jewelry and bag designs she has now took on board a number of other, very artistic designers from across the UK and over seas which has blossomed into something truly unique.


Charming Teacup Ring by Hoolala at Hannah Zakari

Charming Teacup Ring by Hoolala at Hannah Zakari


Rachels aim is to promote small, independent designers that adhere to the individual style of Hannah Zakari, something which I would describe as dainty and darling. Choosing her contributers carefully the site is a real treasure chest to all things one-of-a-kind that are made with great care and attention to detail, helping to add that little bit of personality to your attire. 


You Keep Me Captivated Necklace by Eclectic Eccentricity at Hannah Zakari

You Keep Me Captivated Necklace by Eclectic Eccentricity at Hannah Zakari


Some of my favorite delights are the fairy tale esque lockets, tea time trinkets, circus themed brooches, collective charm bracelets and love letter pendents, all of which portray elements of cute, kitsch and quirk. 


Wizard of Oz Large Charm Necklace by Hoolala at Hannah Zakari

Wizard of Oz Large Charm Necklace by Hoolala at Hannah Zakari


Hannah Zakari does not yet have a brick and mortar store as of yet (fingers crossed there will be one soon, I’d be a regular visitor) but do go ahead and shop online at, I’m sure you will be shortly hooked. To help with the addiction you may soon to be faced with, sign up to their newsletter, it promises discount! 

We arrived in town a little early in our excitement, and so had time for a quick drink in the nice swanky bar next door to the venue.  In there, amongst other eager folk fans, was a cute black cat – should have known then our luck was in!

The doors didn’t open til around 8.30pm, but it was well worth the wait. Both bands put on a really intimate gig, which is admittedly unavoidable in the Little Civic which is very true to it’s name. To a small but packed out room, literally wallpapered in tour promo posters ranging from Steps to The Verve, the support act Sons of Noel and Adrian began their set.

Just moments prior to this, my friend alerted me to the fact Mike Siddell the band’s violinist, is a former member of Hopes of the States and currently in Lightspeed Champion AND he had just walked passed us! But I had missed him..typical

N.B. if you ever attend a gig at the Little Civic, postion yourself beside the door on the left hand-side of the stage. That is the door to the bands dressing room from which they inevitably have to walk from to get to the stage!! Or you can get extremely up close and personal on the front row. In fact, you could stand anywhere and just keep your eyes open and feel the closeness..

Anyway,  Sons of Noel and Adrian are amazing and unlike some other support acts I certainly didn’t want them to hurry up and finish. Even Mumford played tribute to them and said how nice it was to be touring with a band they truely admired. They also have impressive whistling skills and I found frontman Jacob Richardson’s fragile voice reminiscent to that of another one of my acoustic favourites, Damien Rice.

Sons of Noel and Adrian

Sons of Noel and Adrian

sons of noel and adrian

Tom Cowen (son of Adrian) and Jacob Richardson (son of Noel)

sons of noel and adrian

After already receiving more than our monies worth, Mumford and Sons finally took stage at 10pm apologising for being late, and blew everyone away.

Mumford began with his guitar followed by Winston on the banjo, Lovett on keys and Dwayne on double bass. Further into the song, Mumford starts on the kick drum, the atmosphere intensifies and the crowd are loving it.

Between songs, Mumford comments on how the hole in the top of his drum shoots air up in his face every time he kicks it acting as, “sporadic air-con” which he rather enjoyed – it had got very hot in there! But despite the heat, the four young men gave it their all and we were not left dissapointed. The energy on stage was amazing, particularly Lovett’s head banging over the keys to the fast beats.

Mumford talked about how the band were enjoying touring the smaller cities of the UK such as Wolverhampton and seeing new places. However he also mentioned a gig that will take place in Birmingham later this year in April sometime – so watch out for that!

Before leaving the stage for the last time, Lovett thanked the crowd and there was a roaring applause until they dissapeared back into the dressing room.

Marcus Mumford and Winston Marshall

Marcus Mumford and Winston Marshall

Ted Dwayne and Marcus Mumford

Ted Dwayne and Marcus Mumford

Winston Marshall and Ben Lovett

Winston Marshall and Ben Lovett

I hope to catch them again very soon.

Oh and girls, they’re all very cute 😉


My Gladiator Fact File A.K.A My Bible, I often look to this for guidance in my life.

My Gladiator Fact File A.K.A My Bible, I often use this for life guidance.


I have always been a BIG fan of the Gladiators. Every saturday night I’d be sat in-front of ITV wearing one of those huge, yellow sponge gloves, eagerly awaiting the classic theme tune to begin, ready to turn the volume up loud .“Do you feel the power of the Gladiators?!… Do you have the speed, the strength, the heart to be a winner?!”- I certainly did feel the power and wanted to be a winner!


I was scared senceless of Wolf, I wanted to be running up the travelator, wearing all in one lycra, beating people with those giant sized cotton bud things, I fancied the pants off of Hunter– my bedroom door was host to his life sized poster, the Scottish tones of John Anderson, Eurika Johnson in her hay day- in all, absolute brilliance!


I do enjoy the new Gladiators but I truly love the nostalgia of the old Gladiators.


So where are they now? I wanted to know. I wanted to get in touch with the past Gladiator legends. I felt like Justin Lee Collins in ‘Bring Back…’, bar the Channel 4 TV crew following me and their travel expenses as I searched the net high and low, sat on my bed trying to track them down.


I took on the challenge head first, like a contender to the Eliminator. It was extremely difficult but as soon as I started I couldn’t stop, I would not let it rest, using every Gladiator strength in my body to persue my mission until stupid o’clock in the morning. I did get a few email addresses and I did email them proposing interviews.


I checked my inbox like a nervous twitch even though I was aware that I may have set my standards a little high. But oh how you should never underestimate yourself, because low and behold I did get replies- Diane Youdale and Janie Omorogbe, who? Only Jet and Rio!! Who were both more than happy to help, score, bonus, winner!!


Well, I’m not sure how to explain how ecstatic I was, I felt pure excitement, a childhood dream had just come true. My screams sent my house mates running into my room thinking I was in extreme pain and one commented “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this excited, I don’t think you’d be this happy if you told me you were getting married”- and she is probably right.


So there we have it, our first issue of Melonz will have Gladiator content! I’ve replied to Diane and Janie today with some questions and I cant wait for their replies to get started on the feature. 


Me, embracing the mullet aged 7/8.

Me, embracing the mullet aged 7/8.

Do you have, or have you had a mullet that is equally as good as mine or even better, one that puts it to shame? If so Melonz needs you!


For our first issue we will be producing a feature called ‘Mullet Corner’- you see what we did there, clever aren’t we?


We’re looking for your photo’s and your permission to publish your spectacular hair doo’s! With each image we will provide powers that we think each mullet possesses, we will make you feel proud (hero-esque even) because you have supported thee best hair style out there- the MULLET!


Please get in contact with us at if you think you have what we’re looking for, Melonz needs your mullets!


I would like to thank the home hairdresser that I had at the time this photo was taken for cleverly creating my mullet without  the use of a bowl.

After two years of humming and harring about whether or not I should take the plunge to get inked I’ve been slightly obsessed with tattoo art.

From this I have developed some what of a addiction to Miami Ink (no, not just because Ami James is hot) and now London InkI can’t deny it, I do love the camaraderie of both shows but I do genuinely watch to see their designs (Ami James is a bonus).  

I’ve spent hours researching local tattoo artists, perhaps becoming a little too familiar with their websites and myspace pages in my quest to find something which I love. Whilst meandering around the web I found one artist that stood out from the rest, somebody very talented, her name being Dawnii

Dawnii’s work is influenced by a mix of traditional, old school, floral, religious and mexicana design in which she uses both black and grey or color. My personal favourites have to be her old school swallows, anchors and pin up girls.

She originailly started out as a apprentice at Modern Body Art in Birmingham and has now set up a shop of her very own in Northfield- Painted Lady – whilst picking up numorous awards along the way. 

So anyway, I’m a huge fan of her work and I thought I’d send her a message via her myspace page to see if she would be interested in doing a interview for Melonz. Knowing that she is a extremely busy (painted) lady I didn’t expect a reply but hey it was worth a try.

HOWEVER– she did reply and she replied with a lovely yes! Pleased as punch with her quick response I’m now on a mission to put together some good questions to ask her.

This blog has been existing for a week now and I feel very guilty and thoroughly ashamed that I’ve not once added to it. But I’m here now to fill you in on what I’ve been doing recently for Melonz.

The team met up in style last week for sushi to discuss article ideas, yes very lar-dee-dar (but not so when we pulled out our 40% off voucher). We didn’t get to discuss much because food traveling around on a conveyer belt and the guessing game of whether it was meat or vegetable was all very exciting for us first time sushi eaters.

Knowing that coffee would sort us out we headed to Starbucks (were all caffeine junkies) and the planning began! We left with a long list of article and layout ideas to crack on with- I would like thank the power of the latte for the inspiration boost. 

Since then I’ve began twittering my progress, constructing surveys and distributing them, contacting interviewees, researching places to go and things to review whilst considering the interests of the Melonz audience.

I will update in-depth very soon on what my surveys found, my potential interviewees and where I intend to go for my reviews.