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After two years of humming and harring about whether or not I should take the plunge to get inked I’ve been slightly obsessed with tattoo art.

From this I have developed some what of a addiction to Miami Ink (no, not just because Ami James is hot) and now London InkI can’t deny it, I do love the camaraderie of both shows but I do genuinely watch to see their designs (Ami James is a bonus).  

I’ve spent hours researching local tattoo artists, perhaps becoming a little too familiar with their websites and myspace pages in my quest to find something which I love. Whilst meandering around the web I found one artist that stood out from the rest, somebody very talented, her name being Dawnii

Dawnii’s work is influenced by a mix of traditional, old school, floral, religious and mexicana design in which she uses both black and grey or color. My personal favourites have to be her old school swallows, anchors and pin up girls.

She originailly started out as a apprentice at Modern Body Art in Birmingham and has now set up a shop of her very own in Northfield- Painted Lady – whilst picking up numorous awards along the way. 

So anyway, I’m a huge fan of her work and I thought I’d send her a message via her myspace page to see if she would be interested in doing a interview for Melonz. Knowing that she is a extremely busy (painted) lady I didn’t expect a reply but hey it was worth a try.

HOWEVER– she did reply and she replied with a lovely yes! Pleased as punch with her quick response I’m now on a mission to put together some good questions to ask her.