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First of all, apologies for the lack of blogging on my part. Been busy interviewing and writing exclusive features for our first issue due out beginning of May.

If you have no plans for this evening, Birmingham’s Secret Wars FINAL is taking place at The Rainbow Warehouse  in Digbeth. I’m going, you should too.

The battle is between Bevlak and Phill Blake for the right to be crowned Secret Wars Champion of Birmingham 2008/2009. I attended the second semi-final last month and it was a thoroughly enjoyable night which you won’t be able to experience for another year!

Melonz’ editor and designer – Katherine Higgs will also be playing drums for her band The Epics in The Rainbow pub supporting Isolated Atoms. Why not check out both?

Be there for 8pm to catch all of the music, 9pm for the art.

See you later




Bevlak’s winning piece

Bevlak knocked out reigning champion  Newso lastnight in Birmingham’s Secret Wars semi-final at The Rainbow in Digbeth.

As decribed in a previous post Secret Wars is a street art competition spread only by word of mouth.

Having never been to one of these events before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I have to admit the combination of art, music and good company made it a throughly enjoyable night!

The old Victorian pub already home to numerous pieces of modern art and graffiti laden walls provided an inspirational setting for the battle.

What happened

In the courtyard of The Rainbow, the artists were given an hour and a half to complete their masterpieces on a huge plain white canvas using just black Edding pens and paint.

They set to work bopping to some good tunes played by the resident DJs and Rhubarb Radio.

Bevlak’s style at Secret Wars is to make fun of his opponent. Hence the imagery used and the words ‘OLD NEWS’ and ‘NEWSO SCHMEWSO’ as shown above.

From the start it could be sensed that alot of the crowd were rooting for the underdog Bevlak, AKA Sam Bevington, a freelance illustrator from Bristol.

I stood and watched both artists through the cigerette smoke for the majority of the night and was amazed to see what they could produce in so little time.

Newso from Birmingham seemed to have more friends in the crowd who he looked to for support throughout the 90 minutes.

But they just didn’t shout loud enough.


When it came to the final vote (which artist recieved the loudest cheers from the crowd) there was no need for the decibel reader – Bevlak was the clear winner.

Before the winner was announced, special guest Reeps One – an incredible beat boxer from London stunned the crowd. This guy put on a jaw-dropping performance and was unsurprisingly described as the best beat boxer in the world!

Bevlak will draw alongside Phil Blake for the right to be Secret Wars Champion of Birmingham 2008/2009 at the final on April 11th, be sure not to miss it!

Photo Gallery (click to enlarge)

Secret Wars 2007

Secret Wars 2007

Image from Flickr taken by Pete Ashton

Secret Wars is completely new to me, I only came across it today. From what I gather, it’s a street art competition spread only by word of mouth hence the secret part. Well I hope they don’t mind me blogging about it!

Birmingham’s Secret Wars have been taking place in Digbeth at the Rainbow pub. On each night there are usually two battles and there is a prize of £1000 for the overall winner.

The final of Birmingham’s Secret Wars will be on 11th april at Rainbow Warehouse and will be between the winner of the first semi-final, Phill Blake and the winner of the second still yet to take place.

Seeds and Slobodan of Rhubarb Radio are the organisers of Birmingham’s rounds and covered the last battle on 21st February live online. The second semi-final is on 7th march and will be Newso v’s Sam Bevlak.

The rules are as follows:

  • 90 minutes on the clock
  • black paint only, on white walls
  • no sketches, no pencils
  • invisible middle line with an artist either side

Each round is judged using a 3 point system – 2 guest judges and 1 crowd vote using a decibel reader.

All sounds very intriguing, Melonz will be there on 7th March to see what all the fuss is about – we’ll keep you updated.