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Melonz Man of the Month

Melonz Man of the Month


Feast your eyes on this girls! Melonz is proud to introduce you to our very first Man of the Month, 23 year old Jools– cooooor blimey, swoon! Choosing the right man was really really hard work, we never want to do it ever again… NOT! 


Do you like what you see? Well, just for you we’ve arranged a photo-shoot with the *dishy Jools on the 4th March with photographer Amy Galloway. This shoot comes sealed with a Melonz promise- that we will provide you with HOT HOT HOT images to perve at and drool over in our first issue- guaranteed! 


What will this hunka-chunka-whooole-lot-of-lovin be doing on our shoot? You will just have to wait and see. 


*dishy (mum word)


If you are interested in collaborating with our photographer Amy Galloway please feel free to contact her at: 

Pat Butcher- looking her finest

Pat Butcher- looking her finest


After 2,000 hours of fighting with Indesign, Photo-shop and Illustrator I created this- the beginning of the Melonz style icon page! Not being the strongest designer of the team I felt quite chuffed with myself. I’m currently working on the rest of the page but I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what’s to come. 

Why did we decide to use Pat? Errm because she is amazing, oozes sophistication and glamour and I would feel proud to look like this when I’m 50/60 odd (judge as you will). 

I will be adding to this- a personal profile of PB and tips on how to recreate this magnificent look that Pat pulls off so well. 


parka by i heart joan

parka by i heart joan


Here at Melonz we have fallen head over heals in love with the beautiful illustrations of i heart joan. The designs are feminine, quirky and clever. I got in touch with the incredibly, talented artist to find out a little bit about i heart joan and the inspirations behind her work.


The Birmingham based illustrator told us that she began practicing her drawing style when designing My Little Pony prints in her textile lessons at college. She said she would sit for hours perfecting her designs which, over time has helped develop her signature style, that of i heart joan.


Her passion for both fashion and comic books has heavily influenced her work, a combination which adds a unique edge to her designs. She says that she admires the use of “self-deprecating humor” that many British illustrators adhere to, something which is evident in her illustrations- cute yet comical. Believing that its important not to take yourself too seriously as a illustrator, its about creating something that you enjoy and in return something that others will too. 

sleeping beauty ain't got nothing on me

sleeping beauty ain't got nothing on me by i heart joan

More than anything, she finds inspiration from everyday activities, whether it be watching T.V, listening to music or over hearing passing comments. “I really like to interpret other people’s words and make them into something visual”, using real life scenarios and adapting them into pieces of art that we can relate to. 


One of i heart joans favorite jobs to date was producing one-of-a-kind clothing labels for a small, independent vintage fashion company. Totally in her element as she was able to use her creativity and handle beautiful clothing (envious? I am!). She told us that “I would imagine the women who wore them and those that will wear them and then characterize” to produce individual labels to accompany each garment. I can safely say that one of her illustration would definitely encourage me to purchase something however stoney broke.


curves are the new fashion by i heart joan

curves are the new fashion by i heart joan


 She explains that entering competitions is a great opportunity to display and promote your work as an illustrator. As a consequence of entering a recent competition i heart joan was able to have her worked published in a designer showcase book, something which she is very proud of. Even though she intends to enter more competitions this year, she is making her main priority to network within the creative industry to gain further commissions to add to her already impressive portfolio


So what does the future hold for i heart joan? 

She told us that she wants to carry on pursuing a career in freelance illustration, hoping that lots more of her work will go from sketch book to print. “I’m doing my best to set up as a freelance illustrator and getting all the mechanics of my business going, its very scary but I think it’s something I’m more than capable of”- and we think so too.


Do take a look at i heart joan, her work really is brilliant. Melonz heart joan. 


We also think the designs would make great T-shirt prints (hint-hint i heart joan).