Melonz medals

Posted on: May 31, 2009

After my near emotional melt down in the last blog post about how awesome Nat and Kat have been throughout the Melonz production process, I went and bought them (and myself) a Melonz related treat- a melon slice necklace to be precise- to say thank you. Arr yes yes I know how very nice of me… stop, I’m blushing.




I got these rather fitting beauties from a delightful website called Temporary Secretary for only £7 a pop-bargain! The content of Temporary Secretary has an abundance of sweet treats such as cake rings, ice cream and cupcake necklaces and love heart and pencil studs- I had to physically restrain myself from buying the whole (online) shop.


PLUS I’ve developed a HUGE crush on one certain little fella-Little Gingy– who, in the product description is described as a more friendly and cute Phil Mitchell, I enjoyed this.


little gingy


“Erm Gingy… will you be my boyfriend please? I think this could be love.”


I must also thank Temporary Secretary for not only the yum melon slices but also for the great customer service. My Paypal account wasn’t being my mate on the day I ordered them but Temporary Secretary came straight to my rescue and all was resolved quickly and efficiently and my slices arrived bang on time. In all- excellent business!


I will take pics of the Melonz team with their new Melonz medals at our final year exhibition ‘Blood, Sweat and Media’ at Fazeley studios in Birmingham on the 11th and 12th June between 6-8pm. I will do another post about the exhibition very soon!!!  


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