Team Melonz!!!

Posted on: May 14, 2009


Apologies for our absence, we promise we’ve not been bunking off, in-fact quite the opposite- we’ve been working like super troopers both day and night on the first issue.. which my friends will be printed next Wednesday! Eeek!


The Melonz team have been having regular meetings throughout each week to keep up to date with one-another’s progress and with each meeting my celebratory dance has become more complex, it’s looking goood!!! Kat, the Indesign wizard has been working her magic on the design with her new toy- wacom tab- honestly, I’ve never seen her looking so content. Nat has been scoring some great interviews as well as attending gigs a-plenty (very showbiz) to fill you in on all the latest info on the West Mids talent. I’ve been typing lots too spurred by copious amounts of Nescafe (hmm they should sponsor me?) and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading the treats I’ve bagged. We’ve also been doing a lot of the behind the scenes ‘serious’ business too- research, applying for funding, arranging printing, advertising and distribution, which I can honestly say hasn’t been as thrilling as producing the content, but hey.


At the beginning of the production of Melonz we were told that we wouldn’t be speaking at the final stages of the first issue- how very wrong! We’re as strong as ever, with guns of steel! POW POW! Both Nat and Kat have been awesome help throughout, any quibble or query I’ve had I’ve pressed speed dial and voila they’ve been there with a answer… goodness me I sound like I doing an acceptance speech but it has been truly emotional (I’m listening to Massive Attack, this is the effect it has on me).


I must admit though the production process hasn’t always been plain sailing, but this is due to technology blips and boy they’ve had us in a tizz. For instance my Mac, I have learnt that you should never eat granary toast whilst at your computer, it leads to huge amounts of stress and dodgy keys. I ran into the Apple shop craddling my prized possession like a child wearing my ‘comfy clothes’ with a coat thrown over the top. It was like a scene from casualty, dodging people to get to the ‘Genius Bar’ with a face that said “HELP, HELP, SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!”. Granary seed removed and hey presto I was back in business and Melonz work has since continued smoothly, phew.


Okay dokey, ramble over. Melonz are meeting up tomorrow so I’ll keep you posted on the progress on my celebratory moves and of course the Melonz mag very final on-goings before print. Cheerio.  


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