Blog neglect

Posted on: March 27, 2009

Confession time- I’ve recently been neglecting the Melonz blog which is frankly terrible. After being bombarded with other work the Melonz blog has literally been taking a back seat, a little holiday you could say. 


However I have been working like a (super) trooper putting together content for the first issue, let me divulge in bullet points:


  • The man of the month has been photographed. Jules couldn’t make it at last minute but Melonz handled this well, securing another equally as HOT model the night before the shoot. The pictures, well lets put it this way they will have you weak at your knees.


  • I went to a burlesque dance taster session to write a review. Now this was an experience and a half as my ‘moves’ are not the least bit sexy or seductive but I had fun and hope that  the review will be some what entertaining.


  • From the feedback we have received from our blog it is apparent that our audience want to read food/restaurant reviews and hey that is fine with us. Were now looking for the best places for you to dine and we cant wait to start testing them out. Melonz are BIG foodies!


  • The fact that our audience like to enjoy a lovely alcoholic beverage also stuck out like a sore thumb in our research which we kindly second. Therefore info on cocktails you will have! Working with the pro’s of cocktails at The Island Bar in Birmingham to get the very best advice on the best concoctions. 


  • I have already covered the beautiful Bow and Crossbones jewelry on here but whilst I’ve been in contact with them I have found more exciting news about their plans for this year which I feel I should share with you in the first issue. They have also let me use their recent photo-shoot which will look great!


  • There is a possibility that Pat Sharp will be contributing to the ‘Mullet Corner’ feature. This excites me greatly! Who better than the King of- business at the front, party at the back- to get involved.


Okay, this is brief and I’m keeping the rest under wraps for the time being. Oh what a difference a blog makes, I feel a little more clear about what I have done. 


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