Mullets Found

Posted on: March 1, 2009


In a bid to recruit mullets for one of our Melonz features ‘Mullet Corner‘ I presumed the response would be slim. The mullet is the hair style of champions but for some reason, which is beyond me, it does get bad press and therefore expected mullet owners to be less confident as I about showcasing their hair talent… WRONG!


From simply creating a Flickr account I set to sourcing images of the ultimate doo, I was blown away with what I found. It appears there is a competitive mullet world out there, I’d find one and think it was great and then the next minute I’d find another which would completely out do it. 


I left polite comments, going along the lines of: can I use you mullet pictures because they’re awesome with a link to the Mullets Wanted blog post. In a matter of hours I began receiving an abundance of positive replies, most saying yes, eager to let me use their mullets within the first issue of Melonz. I was thrilled.


Here is one of my favorites:

Top One Mullet

Image from Flickr by Lee (20sk)


This top one mullet was donated by a fellow Midlander, proving that he was not ashamed (and nor should he) to have once styled out the mullet at a young age. His fashion sense was also fantastic, here choosing to team the mullet with a Ghost Buster jumper, what more a than perfect accompaniment. 


You think this one is good, well we have a lot more in store to amaze you in our first issue of Melonz. 


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