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Ebay is my guilty pleasure, well I say guilty but I am quite open and proud about it. I love to bid, sell and watch and perhaps spend far too many hours browsing for a bargain. 


My favorite things to browse are vintage clothes (surprise surprise, as if I haven’t banged on about it enough). Having accepted the fact that my height restricts trouser and jean purchases I have become some what of a dress and jumper pervert. One of my all time favorite Ebay shops that combines my love of vintage, dresses and jumpers is Yellow Jelly.


They sell mens and women’s vintage clothing and accessories ranging from 1930’s to the 1980’s. Hand picking the best quality and cuts they list one of a kind pieces on quirky-beautiful models throughout the week and throughout the year, which as a result has got me hooked. 


Their prices are pretty reasonable too, accessories starting at £4.99 to dresses, skirts, cardies and jackets starting at £9.99. Some items are more popular than others and you may find yourself in a bidding battle but if you win the feeling is immense! Ebay is the only competitive sport I play. 


After proving to be a huge hit with other vintage lovers alike they have now opened their first shop in Newcastle Upon Tyne (19A Ridley Place). Envious that it isn’t closer to home I will continue to support Yellow Jelly by perverting and purchasing in the hope that one day in the near future I will be able to swan around one of their shops in Birmingham, I’m sincerely keeping my fingers crossed.


Also check out their Myspace to keep up to date with all their latest news.


Confession time- I’ve recently been neglecting the Melonz blog which is frankly terrible. After being bombarded with other work the Melonz blog has literally been taking a back seat, a little holiday you could say. 


However I have been working like a (super) trooper putting together content for the first issue, let me divulge in bullet points:


  • The man of the month has been photographed. Jules couldn’t make it at last minute but Melonz handled this well, securing another equally as HOT model the night before the shoot. The pictures, well lets put it this way they will have you weak at your knees.


  • I went to a burlesque dance taster session to write a review. Now this was an experience and a half as my ‘moves’ are not the least bit sexy or seductive but I had fun and hope that  the review will be some what entertaining.


  • From the feedback we have received from our blog it is apparent that our audience want to read food/restaurant reviews and hey that is fine with us. Were now looking for the best places for you to dine and we cant wait to start testing them out. Melonz are BIG foodies!


  • The fact that our audience like to enjoy a lovely alcoholic beverage also stuck out like a sore thumb in our research which we kindly second. Therefore info on cocktails you will have! Working with the pro’s of cocktails at The Island Bar in Birmingham to get the very best advice on the best concoctions. 


  • I have already covered the beautiful Bow and Crossbones jewelry on here but whilst I’ve been in contact with them I have found more exciting news about their plans for this year which I feel I should share with you in the first issue. They have also let me use their recent photo-shoot which will look great!


  • There is a possibility that Pat Sharp will be contributing to the ‘Mullet Corner’ feature. This excites me greatly! Who better than the King of- business at the front, party at the back- to get involved.


Okay, this is brief and I’m keeping the rest under wraps for the time being. Oh what a difference a blog makes, I feel a little more clear about what I have done. 


Bevlak’s winning piece

Bevlak knocked out reigning champion  Newso lastnight in Birmingham’s Secret Wars semi-final at The Rainbow in Digbeth.

As decribed in a previous post Secret Wars is a street art competition spread only by word of mouth.

Having never been to one of these events before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I have to admit the combination of art, music and good company made it a throughly enjoyable night!

The old Victorian pub already home to numerous pieces of modern art and graffiti laden walls provided an inspirational setting for the battle.

What happened

In the courtyard of The Rainbow, the artists were given an hour and a half to complete their masterpieces on a huge plain white canvas using just black Edding pens and paint.

They set to work bopping to some good tunes played by the resident DJs and Rhubarb Radio.

Bevlak’s style at Secret Wars is to make fun of his opponent. Hence the imagery used and the words ‘OLD NEWS’ and ‘NEWSO SCHMEWSO’ as shown above.

From the start it could be sensed that alot of the crowd were rooting for the underdog Bevlak, AKA Sam Bevington, a freelance illustrator from Bristol.

I stood and watched both artists through the cigerette smoke for the majority of the night and was amazed to see what they could produce in so little time.

Newso from Birmingham seemed to have more friends in the crowd who he looked to for support throughout the 90 minutes.

But they just didn’t shout loud enough.


When it came to the final vote (which artist recieved the loudest cheers from the crowd) there was no need for the decibel reader – Bevlak was the clear winner.

Before the winner was announced, special guest Reeps One – an incredible beat boxer from London stunned the crowd. This guy put on a jaw-dropping performance and was unsurprisingly described as the best beat boxer in the world!

Bevlak will draw alongside Phil Blake for the right to be Secret Wars Champion of Birmingham 2008/2009 at the final on April 11th, be sure not to miss it!

Photo Gallery (click to enlarge)


Image from Flickr by Pollovf


Today I visited the Top Banana Vintage Clothes Fair at the Hare and Hound pub in Kings Heath, holding small stalls of jewelry and clothing from the 40’s to the 80’s. Being able to browse with a pint in your hand made this a perfect saturday afternoon outing.


It was a relaxed, intimate event with dim lighting, 60’s music and really friendly staff who were happy to talk about their products. Sometimes I find these kind of events intimidating, full of young fashionistas but this wasn’t. It was comfortable and enjoyable, packed with people who have a passion for vintage of all ages and different tastes.


There wasn’t a mass of clothing on each stall and I liked this fact. The clothing and jewelry available had obviously been carefully found and picked to provide their customers with quality not quantity.


It was like a walk in, dream dressing up box with tea dresses, jackets, brooches, hats and hair fascinations. The whole thing was put together nicely to match the style of the garments, the jewelry was laid out upon dressing tables and the clothes hung from satin padded hangers, all nice touches I felt.


Not far from the venue was the Top Banana shop, small but fantastic if you like to dress head to toe in vintage or prefer to combine old with new, I’m sure that you will find something that you like.


Yes, its all very nice me telling you something that you may have missed out on but there is another very soon on the 4th of April. Same venue: Hare and Hound in Kings Heath, same time: 11am-4.30pm, I will be there. If your interested then join the facebook group to get reminders so you don’t forget and miss out. 



Ooh La La Misery Girl Necklace at Beadesaurus

Ooh La La Misery Girl Necklace at Beadesaurus


Not quite the girl next door type?   


Well ooh la-la we have just the place for you to spend your shiny pounds, its the Daddy dinosaur of the accessory world, a wonderful place they call Beadesaurus. 


Beadesaurus is based right in the middle of Brum within the electric atmosphere of the Oasis Market, also home to many more exclusive goods.  


They pride a large selection of alternative, tattoo and retro inspired accessories and clothing, from beads, badges, buckles, bows and bags to T’s, hoodies and totes. Incorporating old-school rock prints with bold colors into their designs they produce something quite unique, pieces that clash and compliment.  


Melonz favors:      

















All the above are available from


Beadesaurus is ideal for those who prefer to be experimental with their style, this is exactly why we love it. Its for the girl who opts for wearing dresses with Converse (preferably with printed laces), who couldn’t care less if the bag don’t match the fascinations in her hair- this is the kind of girl we (Melonz) salute.   


Find their Birmingham store is located at:

Unit 214 The Oasis
110-114 Corporation Street
B4 6SX


If you cant make it to the store (which would be a shame because the Oasis is a heaven of  great) don’t fear you can always order online at Their website is also in the process of having a re-vamp so keep checking it out.  


In a bid to recruit mullets for one of our Melonz features ‘Mullet Corner‘ I presumed the response would be slim. The mullet is the hair style of champions but for some reason, which is beyond me, it does get bad press and therefore expected mullet owners to be less confident as I about showcasing their hair talent… WRONG!


From simply creating a Flickr account I set to sourcing images of the ultimate doo, I was blown away with what I found. It appears there is a competitive mullet world out there, I’d find one and think it was great and then the next minute I’d find another which would completely out do it. 


I left polite comments, going along the lines of: can I use you mullet pictures because they’re awesome with a link to the Mullets Wanted blog post. In a matter of hours I began receiving an abundance of positive replies, most saying yes, eager to let me use their mullets within the first issue of Melonz. I was thrilled.


Here is one of my favorites:

Top One Mullet

Image from Flickr by Lee (20sk)


This top one mullet was donated by a fellow Midlander, proving that he was not ashamed (and nor should he) to have once styled out the mullet at a young age. His fashion sense was also fantastic, here choosing to team the mullet with a Ghost Buster jumper, what more a than perfect accompaniment. 


You think this one is good, well we have a lot more in store to amaze you in our first issue of Melonz. 


… there was a very pretty clothing label called just that, Once Upon A Time. 


Since hitting the rails of Topshop last March along with their sister label Deer Friend they have proved to be very popular, literally flying off rails and into your already jam packed wardrobes. Making their mark on the high street (well and truly) they continue to be regularly stocked in Topshop and now available on too. 


They credit a colorful array of blouses, cardies, dresses and tunics in picnic perfect prints with accentuated button and bow detailing, very dolly and delightful. 


They are real key items that can be worn throughout the year from spring to winter: wear their dresses on their own with a pair of Mary Janes when the British weather lets us and with thick knit tights and a cardie when it gets cooler. Same goes with their tops: on their own with shorts and skirts in the warmer weather and then commense the layered look when the autumn looms.


Curious to know what Once Upon A Time had planned for Spring/Summer 09 I contacted the dear friends to enquire. With their response its clear that they certainly haven’t lost their touch, more flattering, clean cut shapes topped with charming prints and color. 

Spring/Summer 09 By Once Upon A TimeOnce Upon A Time Dress


Spring/Summer Dress by Once Upon A TimeOnce Upon A Time Dress

New Spring/Summer 09 Collection By Once Upon A Time


Meet a prince, defeat evil, make friends with talking animals, go from rags to riches and live happily ever after in Once Upon A Time (apologies, I couldn’t resist finishing without a cheesy ending).