Spring Shoe

Posted on: February 26, 2009

Blossoming rose buds, a little lace and beading make the perfect combination to put that spring, quite literally back into your step. 


Black Courtesan Queen Shoes By Irregular Choice

Black Courtesan Queen Shoe By Irregular Choice


These Irregular Choice Courtesan Queen beauties are £69.50 a pair, but we can ignore the price because they are just too pretty to resist whilst its grey outside. Our feet are tired of winter boots, they need to know that spring is (finally) on its way.  


Understandably these pair of shoes aren’t everyones cup of tea, I respect that. Irregular Choice specializes in the weird and wonderful, have a look at their website, you might surprise yourself and find something that you quite like, something you wouldn’t usually opt for.  




Did you know that Irregular Choice had a UK store? I didn’t, however Irregular Choice inform me that their first UK store opened on Carnaby Street, London in December 08. I’ve been sent photographic evidence and it looks like (shoe) heaven, I will give you a sneaky peak and more info soon. 


I can’t help but be oh so slightly envious that it isn’t in the Midlands, I think I may put in a request.


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