Hello one and all!

Posted on: February 4, 2009

This blog has been existing for a week now and I feel very guilty and thoroughly ashamed that I’ve not once added to it. But I’m here now to fill you in on what I’ve been doing recently for Melonz.

The team met up in style last week for sushi to discuss article ideas, yes very lar-dee-dar (but not so when we pulled out our 40% off voucher). We didn’t get to discuss much because food traveling around on a conveyer belt and the guessing game of whether it was meat or vegetable was all very exciting for us first time sushi eaters.

Knowing that coffee would sort us out we headed to Starbucks (were all caffeine junkies) and the planning began! We left with a long list of article and layout ideas to crack on with- I would like thank the power of the latte for the inspiration boost. 

Since then I’ve began twittering my progress, constructing surveys and distributing them, contacting interviewees, researching places to go and things to review whilst considering the interests of the Melonz audience.

I will update in-depth very soon on what my surveys found, my potential interviewees and where I intend to go for my reviews. 


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