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Image from Flickr taken by Napalm

If you want to revitalise your jewellery box after seeing all the gorgeous collections Laura has reviewed, don’t throw your old stuff out!

Friends of the Earth‘s tip of the day is to send your broken/unwanted earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc to The Alzheimer’s Society who can recycle it to raise funds to help fight dementia.

Where to send your jewellery:

Alzheimer’s Society
Devon House
58 St Katharine’s Way

For more info go to:


Blossoming rose buds, a little lace and beading make the perfect combination to put that spring, quite literally back into your step. 


Black Courtesan Queen Shoes By Irregular Choice

Black Courtesan Queen Shoe By Irregular Choice


These Irregular Choice Courtesan Queen beauties are £69.50 a pair, but we can ignore the price because they are just too pretty to resist whilst its grey outside. Our feet are tired of winter boots, they need to know that spring is (finally) on its way.  


Understandably these pair of shoes aren’t everyones cup of tea, I respect that. Irregular Choice specializes in the weird and wonderful, have a look at their website, you might surprise yourself and find something that you quite like, something you wouldn’t usually opt for.  




Did you know that Irregular Choice had a UK store? I didn’t, however Irregular Choice inform me that their first UK store opened on Carnaby Street, London in December 08. I’ve been sent photographic evidence and it looks like (shoe) heaven, I will give you a sneaky peak and more info soon. 


I can’t help but be oh so slightly envious that it isn’t in the Midlands, I think I may put in a request.

Secret Wars 2007

Secret Wars 2007

Image from Flickr taken by Pete Ashton

Secret Wars is completely new to me, I only came across it today. From what I gather, it’s a street art competition spread only by word of mouth hence the secret part. Well I hope they don’t mind me blogging about it!

Birmingham’s Secret Wars have been taking place in Digbeth at the Rainbow pub. On each night there are usually two battles and there is a prize of £1000 for the overall winner.

The final of Birmingham’s Secret Wars will be on 11th april at Rainbow Warehouse and will be between the winner of the first semi-final, Phill Blake and the winner of the second still yet to take place.

Seeds and Slobodan of Rhubarb Radio are the organisers of Birmingham’s rounds and covered the last battle on 21st February live online. The second semi-final is on 7th march and will be Newso v’s Sam Bevlak.

The rules are as follows:

  • 90 minutes on the clock
  • black paint only, on white walls
  • no sketches, no pencils
  • invisible middle line with an artist either side

Each round is judged using a 3 point system – 2 guest judges and 1 crowd vote using a decibel reader.

All sounds very intriguing, Melonz will be there on 7th March to see what all the fuss is about – we’ll keep you updated.

Your Biggest Fanclub are supporting Fight Like Apes at Birmingham Barfly this evening.

Midland’s trio, YBFC have already played alongside some huge acts including The Pigeon Detectives and The Young Knives and have recently been given Radio 1, DJ Steve Lamacq’s ‘Band Of The Week’ title.

The noisy pop band will be on around 8pm before  Underground Railroad and headliners Fight Like Apes from Ireland.

I’ve heard only good things about FLA but I’m yet to see them myself, hope to catch them tonight for the first time.

Come with me!

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own tash? Well my dears I have found the perfect substitute, a man tash hoodie for you to parade:


Moustache Man Girls Hoodie By Lazy Oaf

Enjoy a Big Mac so much that you would proudly wear one upon your head? You can do just that with your very own burger hat:


Burger Hat By Lazy Oaf

Struggle with your five a day fruits? Pin this ripe banana brooch to your top as a reminder to eat your apples and pears:


Banana Brooch By Lazy Oaf

Believe your never fully dressed without a smile? Wear a perma-grin with this smile on a chain:


Grin Necklace By Lazy Oaf


I could go on and on and on. Lazy Oaf is a pure joy, its a little bit nutty, a little bit mad but all in all a pure joy.


I’m not going to go into great detail about Lazy Oaf in this post, I’ll let you check out their website for yourselves.


The lovely Lazy Oaf team will shortly be providing us with images of their brand new, unseen collection. But surely, could anything top the burger hat? I cant wait to see, I’ll keep you (blog) posted.


Ooo also… check out the Lazy Oaf Blog, its funny, I’m a fan.


Max Starki Productions has some exciting acts from both Coventry and Birmingham lined up for the launch party on Friday, including Takunda Garwe (winner of Coventry’s Got Talent) and Synikall, a hip-hop/R&B artist from Erdington.

The show will end with LP45, one of the most popular bands in Coventry at the moment. The gig is a fundraiser event and will be the official launch of Max Starki Productions – a new and exciting production company put together by music tech student Chris Dickins and dance/theatre student, Grace Brodie.

In brief, it is “An innovative performance company that is focussed on enhancing newly discovered spaces, and transforming them in to our stage, our place of diversity, for the audience to experience.”

The production company’s main performance this year will be in Coventry city centre on 1st may and will take the form of a sound and dance installation.

Although currently a university project, Chris hopes to continue Max Starki and eventually put performances on all over the country.

The launch party is taking place at Dogma in Priory Place, Coventry this Friday. Doors open at 8pm and entry is only £2!

Please make the effort to come along and support this new local production company.

Hope to see you there!


I'm Cute Russian Doll Necklace by Hoola at Hannah Zakari

I'm Cute Russian Doll Necklace by Lady Luck Rules OK at Hannah Zakari


I’ve discovered another little treat for you ladies- Hannah Zakari accessories. 

Rachel Lamb is the brains and talent behind this beautiful creation of everything pretty. From originally setting up the website as a form of showcasing her own jewelry and bag designs she has now took on board a number of other, very artistic designers from across the UK and over seas which has blossomed into something truly unique.


Charming Teacup Ring by Hoolala at Hannah Zakari

Charming Teacup Ring by Hoolala at Hannah Zakari


Rachels aim is to promote small, independent designers that adhere to the individual style of Hannah Zakari, something which I would describe as dainty and darling. Choosing her contributers carefully the site is a real treasure chest to all things one-of-a-kind that are made with great care and attention to detail, helping to add that little bit of personality to your attire. 


You Keep Me Captivated Necklace by Eclectic Eccentricity at Hannah Zakari

You Keep Me Captivated Necklace by Eclectic Eccentricity at Hannah Zakari


Some of my favorite delights are the fairy tale esque lockets, tea time trinkets, circus themed brooches, collective charm bracelets and love letter pendents, all of which portray elements of cute, kitsch and quirk. 


Wizard of Oz Large Charm Necklace by Hoolala at Hannah Zakari

Wizard of Oz Large Charm Necklace by Hoolala at Hannah Zakari


Hannah Zakari does not yet have a brick and mortar store as of yet (fingers crossed there will be one soon, I’d be a regular visitor) but do go ahead and shop online at, I’m sure you will be shortly hooked. To help with the addiction you may soon to be faced with, sign up to their newsletter, it promises discount!